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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teasing You,

Big release coming soon on New York City imprint Stranjjur. Some Free Edits for ya also

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Produced by Machinedrum and Gold Panda, rising R&B star Jesse Boykins III gives us some free goodies with a new album and a hot edit Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

'motional interviews: Reaching for Lazers with Bonar Bradberry of PBR Streetgang

Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe make up the boogie boat that is PBR Streetgang. "To sum it up, we make music, we play music, we dig music. You can check out our tracks here, and find out where we're gigging below. Short and sweet!" Bonar was kind enough to catch up with 'motional on behalf of the PBR Streetgang with a little chat on music, animals, and the future for PBR Streetgang.

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PBR SG in a nutshell, give us the down and dirty on the history of the two of you, and why do you have such a thing for boats?

We've been around for about 8-9 years as DJ's and making our own music for about 3 years The boat thing is really more that were fans of the film Apocalypse now, which is where the name is taken from

What is the group dynamic like for you and Tom? Do you have a preference between a collaborative track over a back 2 back dj set? What is your favorite current dj duo aside from your project?

well we use i piece of kit called a Q2 which allows us to DJ at the same time basically out of the same mixer... so were constantly building on each others records layering up loops and tracks. other duos thats we like / admire .. loads i guess , Masters At Work, The UnaBombers, AME are ones that spring to mind straight away

Focus on quality over genre has allowed you to release all types of tunes and play sets that really take a crowd on a ride across various soundscapes. That being the case, what is your take on the current scene that is a meeting point of disco, techno, house, classics, and edit madness......is history repeating itself or will this sound help define the era we live in?

Both really, yes it is a bit of history repeating in that lots of Dj's seem to be a bit more fearless in playing things that aren't all from the same genre which is how it was in the early days of DJing ( or so ive been told) but it being done in a new way that is of its own time and will naturally help define the era we liv in to a greater or lesser extent.

Was Space good this summer?

Yeah it was amazing thank you .. to be honest i cant think of a summer for us at We Love where it hasn't been ..

Any different than years past?

yeah every year is different has something special about it at WeLove.. i think the Terraza had an even more intense feeling this year, which is really special and rare with such a big room

Do you like smaller, more intimate parties or after hours vs the big floor?

All of the above!! if there's good vibe in the room, were in to it, we really enjoy playing all sizes and types of venues .. ice cream vans in warehouses , disused bomb shelters to the purpose built incredible sounding main rooms of places like Mint Club, Fabric and MoS size isnt important to us its about the people in there

Did you spend any time at Circo-Loco this summer? What is your favorite venue on the island? In london?

We went once or twice to Circo Loco, it's a great place so is Amnesia (when its not completely packed to the gills) but it has to be WeLove @ Sapce for us, hands down everytime London We Love Loads of Venues really , Mos, Fabric, Plastic People, The Queen Of Hoxton, Dalston Superstore Basing House.... the list goes on really !

Any artist(s) you dig at the moment that we may be not have guessed? were really into Maxxi Soundsystem, he's really starting to blow up right now.

Give us 5 words you think of when you ponder what makes a good dancefloor


What's next for you? PBR? Anything big to be on the watch for?

An Ep for 2020 Vison and for Future Boogie which were really excited about

Has the Hot Creations ep dropped yet? When? We love Downstroke! What a jam!

Thanks ! its out on the 23rd of January

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Bonar: Monkey

Tom : Octopus

Listen to more here

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Never met a girl like you

This excellent new LED installment is the fine craft of Deniz Kurtel. Playing in the background is a smooth tune from Deniz and Pillow Talk. "Wake me up" will release on Wolf & Lamb. Love the artwork Deniz makes both musically and visually. Enjoy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

'motional music mix series vol 3: mixed by robots

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It all begins with the turntable usually, but not for this go around. This time i was taken over by robots, hijacked into clip view and Decided to slap a few tracks in Ableton and collage together a little podcast, recorded the eq and effects live with controllers. The vibe ranges from warehouse, deep, dicso, techno ect.........

Tracks from Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Cimbers, M.A.M., Subb-An, Dan Dexter and Nahn, S.A.S., Puente, Green Velvet, Maceo Plex, Ponty Mython, Noir, Lula Circus, D.b., Funk D'void, Mano Le Tough. Please enjoy!

download here

Dripping with Velvet

Thick on the bassline and the cheesy retro synth action, this jam will funk you all night long. Spotted this one towards the end of the year and have played many times since, cheers to dripping sexy vibes rolling off this tune.

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